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The grass that exceeds all expectations

Update from GSC: March 2022

Thank you to all our great gamagrass seed customers.  Due to unprecedented demand, we are sold out for Spring 2022.  Our seed harvest occurs in late summer and we look forward to having a plentiful crop to meet your seed needs for dormant plantings late fall and early winter, as well as for your spring 2023 seed needs.  Please phone us beginning in October to reserve seed for next season, and sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates on seed supply. Again, thank you for your patronage and please be in touch with any establishment questions you might have.  Bruce, Dean & Deb are here to help you achieve a successful stand.

What is Eastern Gamagrass?

We are the premier dealer for Eastern Gamagrass in the United States. 

Eastern gamagrass (Tripsacum dactyloides (L.)L.) is a native, perennial, warm-season bunchgrass. This tall, robust grass has long been recognized as a highly productive forage grass of the eastern prairie with a photosynthetic rate that is among the highest reported in scientific literature for any species.

Why Eastern Gamagrass?


This warm season bunchgrass can reach up to 8 feet tall. Common yield from three cuttings range from 7-8 tons per acre. 

High Tonnage

Known for an earlier green up in the spring than other warm season grasses, it can see over 2 inches of growth per day after cutting!

Fast Regrowth

Protein content rivals that of alfalfa at 11-15%!

High Protein Content

Known as the ice cream grass because of livestock's preference for it. In fact, because of this preference, overgrazing has largely eliminated native stands. 

Quality Forage

Gamagrass is native to the Eastern half of the US and as far west as sites in Colorado. It however can be grown all across the US, even in arid sites with some irrigation. 

Widely Adapted

Gamagrass has one of the most stable growth habits and incredibly deep root system that is often utilized in riparian buffers. Its native habitat and robust growth make it a favorite for sustanable and regnerative agriculture systems. 

Sustainable and Diverse

Characteristics of Eastern Gamagrass

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Founded in 1987 by Dean and Deb Stevens and Bruce Zoeller. We are a family run business specializing in the sale of Eastern Gamagrass Seed. We are excited to share more about this impressive native grass and what it can do for your operation.

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