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Educational Videos

What to expect when you Call Gamagrass Seed Co.

Characteristics of Eastern Gamagrass

Types of Gamagrass Plantings

When you receive your order of Gamagrass

Anatomy of A Gamagrass Seed

Planting Test plot Timelapse

Burning D1

Spring Burning

gg vs brome l&r wet

Gamagrass vs Brome mid summer

brochure 1-2b

Two year old stand of gamagrass.

GSC test 4

Testing dormancy breaking processes.

Seed enlargementb

Seed capsule and bare seed

GSC test 5

Germination difference between Unprimed and Germtech II


Livestock grazing eastern gamagrass.

brochure 1-1b

Gamagrass a few days after spring burning.


Regrowth potential (27" in 12 days)


Forage can produce from 7-8 tons per acre.


Livestock grazing Eastern Gamagrass

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